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A student blog for Math 189AH: Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College

Author: Mehak Garg

  • Making Math with Mehak

    Making Math with Mehak

    In this past semester in Making Mathematics, I learned about numerous interesting mathematical topics I normally would not have had the chance to. Along the way, I also learned about a ton of tools that I was previously intimidated by like the band saw. I worked on five different projects all outlined below: Project 0A…

  • Musical Integer Sequences

    Musical Integer Sequences

    For the final project, I wanted to do something with music and math. I listen to a lot of music in my free time and Nora’s second project on Fourier Transforms was really interesting. I decided to use the integer sequences from the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS) and try to transform the sounds…

  • Pen-graphing Harmonographs

    Pen-graphing Harmonographs

    For this project, we wanted to create various harmonograph artworks. Our inspiration was the exhibit at the Wendell Museum: they had drawings that used several Lissajous curves and the golden ratio to draw non-living and living objects such a snail shell and a butterfly. For some context, a harmonograph is a mechanical apparatus that employs…

  • Creating a Burr Puzzle

    Creating a Burr Puzzle

    For this project, I wanted to create Burr Puzzle using wood. The biggest creative deviation I took is using approximately half the thickness a traditional Burr puzzle would to scale down the puzzle. At first glance, a burr puzzle looks like a simple arrangement of wooden pieces, each with notches and slots. However, the goal…

  • flowers and bubbles !

    flowers and bubbles !

    we made surface-minimizing bubbles and also added some more to our penrose tiling! Neither project had a huge learning curve, but it was fun to learn about a new math concept and do tactile things! first flowers Nora introduced me to the topic of Penrose tilings and I thought the math behind them was super…

  • Surface Minimizing Bubbles

    Surface Minimizing Bubbles

    We used soap bubbles to find minimal surface area shapes. These surfaces, given a closed shape, will span the shape using the least area. Using Zometool to make various shapes, we made some fascinating surfaces. Making Shapes Zometool is a plastic construction set that is often used for making mathematical structures. It is simple to…