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A student blog for Math 189AH: Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College

Author: Tia Tounesi

  • Tia’s Making Math Journey

    Tia’s Making Math Journey

    Welcome to my making math project blogpost! I advise you to read till the end because my projects get cooler as I progress (imo)!! Project 0.A (First Attempt) The first project I wanted to undertake for this class was to make a spherical astronomy ring. I first created a CAD for it to better understand…

  • Parabolic Curve String Art

    Parabolic Curve String Art

    For the final project, I designed and constructed a string art pyramid using parabolic curve stitching techniques. I aimed to reimagine traditional “nail, hammer, and a plank of wood” string art to a smoother way that utilizes makerspace resources in a three-dimensional form. I first designed the sides of the pyramid using Adobe Illustrator. My…

  • Weaving Mathematics

    Weaving Mathematics

    preface Tia and I are very much into fabric arts and wanted to create something really cool by learning a new skill through weaving and utilizing the Digital Jacquard Loom from the Makerspace. We initially learned very basic mathematics behind loom-weaving, such as the binary nature of the strings. The way the strings are structured…

  • Coxeter Group Kaleidescopes and Stereographic Projection

    Coxeter Group Kaleidescopes and Stereographic Projection

    A Kaleidoscope is an example of a Coxeter group, a tessellation shape generated by reflections in a mirror. The Kaleidoscope we made has the fundamental shape of an equilateral triangle, one of the simplest examples of a Coxeter polygon, since its interior angles are π/2 degrees each. A few other types of triangles would have…

  • Coxeter Groups Through the Lens of Kaleidoscopes

    Coxeter Groups Through the Lens of Kaleidoscopes

    Making Kaleidoscope to Represent Coxeter Groups.  What was our process with this project? The project began with the conceptualization phase, where we identified the goal of creating a kaleidoscope to represent the symmetries of Coxeter groups visually. This phase involved extensive research into Coxeter groups to understand their mathematical foundations and how these could be…