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Sierpinski Triangle

Savva Ignatov

Drawing the triangle

In order to draw the Sierpinski Triangle, which is a type of fractal, I used Python. I started by labelling three points on the (x,y) plane to represent my triangle. Then I used turtle to draw between those points. I then recursively found the mid-point between the drawn lines, and drew a line between those lines using turtle.

Laser cutting

I had struggles with the laser cutting, since it was my first time using the laser cutter. At first, I inputed a PNG instead of a PDF, which didn’t work with the program. Then I inputed a PDF, yet the program stayed buggy. I called in a Makerspace steward, yet they didn’t know what was wrong. Once I selected all possible type of files the laser cutter program gave an error, which I acknowledged. It indicated that I was using the “vector image” feature rather than the “raster image” feature. I made the switch, and after that, the program finally started working. The Sierpinski triangle PDF was displayed onto the laser cutter API. I set up the wood on the laser cutter, and set the appropriate settings.
I selected power 60 speed 80.

Wood cutting

For the last stage of the process, I cut the board triangularly to center the Sierpinski Triangle and make the piece triangular. To finish it off, I hand-sanded the whole piece.


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