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Klein Bottle in Blender

Savva Ignatov

This is a continuation of my previous project, I wanted to create a more realistic Klein Bottle with the help of Blender.

I always wanted to get to know how to use Blender to create complicated objects to then print out into reality.

The first version

To start the project I first tried making the Klein bottle out of the separate cylindrical objects, since the Klein Bottle has a cylindrical body with a loop. 

I tried moving the separate cylinders into an arc-like position and rotating the separate cylinders to make the curve. I then deleted the faces on the cylinders to make it hollow throughout.

However, the incoming cylinder which fed back into the main body was cut off, which stopped the  shape from being hollow and blocked the hole.

After looking at the whole shape I was ready to take it on another go after learning the first basics of Blender.

The second version

For the second version, I wanted to move away from cylinders since they seemed like a pretty advanced object with too many faces and hard to stretch and manipulate. Instead I saw people starting by using 3D cubes in a lot of different tutorials when trying to make complicated shapes. 

So I started by stretching the cube in different axis to make a smoother neck shape. Then I scaled each separate face, rotated it in the Y axis. Then I cut the shape across the Y axis at the face of the cube and extrude the object across the cut. I then repeated that process and slowly created a rotating handle.

I cut the bottom of the first block and expanded it downwards and then scaled up the downward face to make a more balanced and stable support so that its equilibrium point would not tip the object over. To make the neck complete I kept scaling the faces down along the neck to give a faster and smoother bend to the object. I then added a modifier in the options menu of the main body of the Klein Bottle so that the volume of the shape going in the loop would negate the main body.  

Future steps

I turned this into an SVG file and tried printing it. Unfortunately the printing of the shape proved to be unsuccessful as prints would fail again and again.

In the incoming future I will keep trying to print the object in order to bring it into a shape I could keep and see what changes I could make.


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