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Making with Jaanvi

Jaanvi Chopra

Overview of the Semester

As the semester wraps up, I wanted to compile all of my projects into one blog post and show a timeline of how the semester went. 

Project 0 – Kaleidoscopes and Stereographs

For this project, I began by creating a kaleidoscope, then Kishore taught me how to make a stereograph. 

I learned how to use the general space in the Makerspace and also learned to use the 3D printer. 

The relevant mathematical concepts for this project were Stereographic Spheres and Coxeter Groups. 

Project 1 – Mandalas

For this project, I explored group theory through Mandala Art! 

Project 2 – Tensegrity Structures 

This project included a lot of trial and error. It was exciting to get working in the wood shop even though the structure didn’t end up being able to stand on its own

Project 3 – Mandalas Continued 

My pride and joy for the semester!! I am really proud of this outcome and how I was able to extend project 1 into 3D


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