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A student blog for Math 189AH: Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College

Making Math with Margaret

Margaret Malinao

Project 0.A

This very first project was on penrose tiling–Nora, Ashley, and I cut actual rose petals and leaves to recreate a pattern we found online.

project 0.b

I showed Prof Kagey how to cut petals and leaves for the penrose tile and he taught me how to use a penplotter and cricut machine to draw Sierpinski triangles pattern on uniquely cut papers.

project 1

Tia and I translated Ada K. Dietz’ binomial to a textile pattern by weaving thread on the digital Jacquard loom.

project 2

Ambika, Adam, and I created and painted a cast of Adam’s hand to calculate and represent the Gaussian curvature values at specific points of his hand.

project 3

Linna and I worked on Blender animation to model Ptolemy’s system of epicycles in motion. Though, figuring out textures was a steep learning curve–we will continue learning and playing around with the graphics tools in Blender to make some silly planets in a silly solar system.

technologies used

Project 0.A – Rose Petals, Leaves
Project 0.B – Penplotter, Cricut, Inkscape, Rose Petals, Leaves
Project 1 – Digital Jacquard Loom
Project 2 – Plaster Mesh, Paint, Caliper, Wire
Project 3 – Blender

Note: It was my first time working with the following technologies: penplotter, cricut, inkscape, digital jacquard loom, and blender!

future plans

Making Math was a wonderful opportunity to learn and execute different technologies to represent math topics I’ve been interested in. I had a lot of fun learning new mediums and tangible forms of math alongside my group partners and peers. I leave with confidence in starting new things and with an unwavering curiosity to just learn. And I will definitely be spending hours in the Makerspace. My goal is to use every technology in there at least once.


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