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Making Math with Delaney

Delaney Cohn

Throughout the making math class I was able to explore lots of fun math and learn new ways of creating things.

For my first project I learned about hexaflexagons and I made one out of fabric with Linna. I practiced using a sewing machine and I used the makerspace for the first time!

The second project focused on probability. I worked with Ashrit and Mathus to make jewelry that represented different probability distributions. The bracelet I made represented two different binomial distributions.

For my third project I wanted to make something related to the math in my thesis. I ended up working with Ashley on representing Fibonacci tilings. We learned how to make a mosaic tiling on wood.

For the final project I taught myself how to do tatting, aka shuttle lace making. I used tatting to make a lace dodecahedron.

In the future I would like to continue to explore fiber arts. I want to practice tatting more and try making different polyhedra. I also want to use the makerspace more going forward. It is an incredible resource that I had never used prior to this semester. I am also interested in learning how to use the loom.


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