Math + Making

A student blog for Math 189AH: Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College

Author: Jonathon Roberts

  • Making Math With Jon

    Making Math With Jon

    Here is a portfolio of what I worked on in this class. For the first project, Ashrit and I worked on a pinhole camera using the 3-D printer room and spray paint booth in the Makerspace. In the next project, King, Jackson and I made a tangram set using the wood and saws in the…

  • Modular Origami

    Modular Origami

    Creating a polypompholyx-like shape I was inspired by the level of depth in geometric patterns there are in sophisticated origami designs. At first, I didn’t know what structure I wanted to create, so I researched cool designs online. Ultimately, I decided to create a star sonobe shape. I liked the spikey structure with the star…

  • Wooden Shelves

    Wooden Shelves

    Creating hexagonal wooden shelves In this project, Jonathon, King, and Jackson worked on creating a geometric-driven wooden shelf. We were inspired by Sierpinski patterns and how equilateral triangles are being layered to recursively create more equilateral triangles. In formal terms, the Sierpinski Triangle is a fractal that is formed by removing equilateral triangles from a…

  • Creating a Tangram Set

    Creating a Tangram Set

    By Jackson, King, and Jon A Tangram set is a traditional Chinese 2D- puzzle consisting of seven flat pieces called tans, which are put together to form a square. The objective of the puzzle is to rearrange the tans into a particular shape (given only an outline or silhouette) using all seven pieces, which may…

  • Fractile in PIL and Pinhole Cameras

    Fractile in PIL and Pinhole Cameras

    In this blog, Ashrit and King swap projects and learn about each other’s. What I learned about Drawing Fractile in PIL by Ashrit Panditaradyula:  While working with King, he introduced me to the Mandelbrot set fractile. I read up on it online and it was very interesting. A short overview of it is that Mandelbrot…