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A student blog for Math 189AH: Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College

Author: Peter Kagey

  • Penrose meets Penplotting

    Penrose meets Penplotting

    Penrose Tiling Professor Kagey and I decided to start with the penrose tiling project first, going over logistics of materials and methods. Our tiling inspiration below was sourced from this online math forum. We used plants as our medium, shaping leaves and petals into the two rhombuses of 108 and 144 degrees. I demoed how…

  • Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd

    Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd

    Welcome to our class blog for MATH189AH: Making Mathematics, a class at Harvey Mudd College. In this course, students work in teams to make five projects throughout the term, and learn how deep mathematical ideas and new fabrication techniques can inform each other. Syllabus Here is an early version of our syllabus, which we worked…