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A student blog for Math 189AH: Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College

Author: Adam Sage

  • Making Math with Adam

    Making Math with Adam

    I started out this semester working with Kishore on stereographic projection spheres. I had a little bit of 3d printing experience going into the project, but learning blender to make the stl models ended up being a fair challenge. For our second project, Tia showed me how her group had made kaleidoscopes. After spending a…

  • Light show!!!!!

    Light show!!!!!

    In our final project of the semester, we decided to create an LED light show. We would take audio as input, perform some processing to determine the LED strip colors, then send the data to the LED strip to make the dynamic light show. Tools used include BlackHole for audio input, output, and routing, Python…

  • Gaussian Hand Curvature

    Gaussian Hand Curvature

    Our group wanted to take on a project that explores differential geometry and curvatures in space, which was originally inspired by Ambika’s desire to do some henna on the surface of a hand. None of us really had very much experience in this realm of mathematics, so we had to spend some time exploring the…

  • Mandelbrot Set

    Mandelbrot Set

    For our upcoming project, we’re planning on exploring the mandelbrot set and some of the math around it. The mandelbrot set is defined by the set of complex numbers which preserve the following property: For a given value c, we define a recurring relationship xn+1 = xn2 + c, where xn remains bounded (does not…

  • Coxeter Group Kaleidescopes and Stereographic Projection

    Coxeter Group Kaleidescopes and Stereographic Projection

    A Kaleidoscope is an example of a Coxeter group, a tessellation shape generated by reflections in a mirror. The Kaleidoscope we made has the fundamental shape of an equilateral triangle, one of the simplest examples of a Coxeter polygon, since its interior angles are π/2 degrees each. A few other types of triangles would have…

  • Stereographic Projection Spheres

    Stereographic Projection Spheres

    Theoretical Harvey Mudd College Projection in Blender For our first project, we wanted to 3D print some illustrations of the stereographic projection process, in which a shape on a circle is mapped to a flat plane. This can be visualized by printing a thin shell of a sphere. If a shape is cut out correctly,…

  • Making Math Project Ideas

    Making Math Project Ideas

    Generative Art using Splines I’ve been interested in generative algorithms (where we start off with some basic thing and build on/modify it to make a more complex work of art via an algorithm. I did some generative music work last semester and am really interested in doing something similar with 2D art. Gradient descent is…