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A student blog for Math 189AH: Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College

Author: Ashrit Panditaradyula

  • Making Math With Ashrit

    Making Math With Ashrit

    Hi, my name is Ashrit, and this is a timeline of the projects I have completed this semester! Project 0A:  In this project, Jon and I, worked together to make a pinhole camera, but not just an ordinary one! We wanted to make one that could adjust its focus by sliding windows. We did this…

  • Fibonacci Spiral

    Fibonacci Spiral

    Representing the Fibonacci Spiral in 3D In this project, Ambika and Ashrit worked on finding a physical representation of the Fibonacci sequence.  We all know the Fibonacci sequence as series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two previous numbers as shown below:  1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34…

  • Probabilistic Bracelet Making!

    Probabilistic Bracelet Making!

    For our project we represented different probability distributions using beaded jewelry. We wrote some code to generate bracelet layouts for us, so all we needed to do was to actually assemble the bracelets. We initially made a test bracelet together. We tied elastic string in a knot. We then decided to try making more sophisticated…

  • Fractile in PIL and Pinhole Cameras

    Fractile in PIL and Pinhole Cameras

    In this blog, Ashrit and King swap projects and learn about each other’s. What I learned about Drawing Fractile in PIL by Ashrit Panditaradyula:  While working with King, he introduced me to the Mandelbrot set fractile. I read up on it online and it was very interesting. A short overview of it is that Mandelbrot…

  • Tia, Jon, and Ashrit Project Ideas

    Paper mache is a versatile medium for exploring complex geometric shapes. The project could involve creating alot of different geometric forms, like polyhedra, toroids, or even fractal structures. The mathematical aspect focuses on the geometry of the shapes being constructed, including concepts such as vertices, edges, faces, Euler’s characteristic, and the relationship between geometric properties…