Math + Making

A student blog for Math 189AH: Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College

Author: Ashley Kim

  • Making Math with Ashley

    Making Math with Ashley

    Making Mathematics has been a really fun experience for me this semester! Being able to express my interests creatively has been a new and freeing experience for me that I haven’t gotten from other classes. I enjoyed working without constraints and being able to genuinely pursue interests that made me excited! PenRose🌹 tiling For Project…

  • Parametric Curve Posters

    Parametric Curve Posters

    For our final Making Math project, we decided to create visually-aesthetic posters of parametric curves. This class has truly made us appreciate the beauty of mathematics, and we thought it’d be super cool to wrap up the semester by creating posters that highlight just that – how a relatively simple mathematical equation can create aesthetically…

  • Fibonacci Mosaic Tilings

    Fibonacci Mosaic Tilings

    For project 2, Delaney and I created the f4 and f5 tilings using mosaics! Deciding on Material Originally, we had planned to use dominoes and trominoes to represent the Padovan sequence. We wanted to use clay to create the tiles and 3D print a tray at a specific length n to hold the tiles. After…

  • Making a Math-Themed Deck of Cards

    Making a Math-Themed Deck of Cards

    For our project 1, we made a deck of math-themed cards and a box to house them. Designing the Cards We found an SVG file with regular cards at We then manually edited the cards using Inkscape, an SVG editing software. Specifically, we edited the backs of the cards, the 52 main cards, and…

  • Surface Minimizing Bubbles and PenRose Tilings

    Surface Minimizing Bubbles and PenRose Tilings

    Surface Minimizing Bubbles🫧 Mathus taught me how to use soap bubbles to find the minimal surface area of a shape I create. I created these shapes using Zometools. Mathus gave me some guidance on what kind of shapes would be cool to make for this project, but left me with a lot of creativity. Mathus…

  • flower pressing a penRose tiling 🌸

    flower pressing a penRose tiling 🌸

    We decided to create a Penrose tiling using flowers and leaves for our Project 0A. A Penrose tiling uses two different tiles: a 108° rhombus and a 144° rhombus. These two different tiles come together to create an aperiodic tiling ( We used this photo as a reference for our Penrose tiling: We decided on…

  • Project Ideas

    Project Ideas

    These are some project ideas that we (Ashley, Nora, and Margaret) are excited about! 1. Flower Tilings This project seems interesting because our group was talking about combining flowers with mathematics. I’ve (Ashley) been really into flower pressing and drying for the past couple of years and have seen that flowers can be related to…