Math + Making

A student blog for Math 189AH: Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College

Author: Ambika Tiwari

  • Ambika’s Making Math

    Ambika’s Making Math

    Making Math with Prof. Kagey was a project-based class in which we created physical and digital designs to illustrate math concepts. My 4 projects (with their full blogs linked): P0: AxiDraw, InkScape, Mathematica, and Henna P1: Kernel Convolutions for Photography Filters in Python P2: Plaster Casting Hands and Gaussian Curves P3: OpenSCAD Modeling with the…

  • Fibonacci Spiral

    Fibonacci Spiral

    Representing the Fibonacci Spiral in 3D In this project, Ambika and Ashrit worked on finding a physical representation of the Fibonacci sequence.  We all know the Fibonacci sequence as series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two previous numbers as shown below:  1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34…

  • Gaussian Hand Curvature

    Gaussian Hand Curvature

    Our group wanted to take on a project that explores differential geometry and curvatures in space, which was originally inspired by Ambika‚Äôs desire to do some henna on the surface of a hand. None of us really had very much experience in this realm of mathematics, so we had to spend some time exploring the…

  • Henna, AxiDraw, and InkScape

    Henna, AxiDraw, and InkScape

    In this project, I used the AxiDraw to create tattoo stencils of mathematical graphs, and then used henna to make it last. After experimenting on myself, I led a workshop with 6 other people in the Harvey Mudd Makerspace to help them create their own tattoos! This exploration taught how to incorporate math as art,…

  • Digital Photos and Kernel Convolutions

    Digital Photos and Kernel Convolutions

    In this project, I explored how images are stored in computers as arrays, and how we use math to manipulate those images using kernel convolutions to create photography filters, optimize machine learning models, and get a beautiful visual intuition of math with matrices. I used a Google Colab notebook to go step-by-step to get used…