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A student blog for Math 189AH: Making Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College

Author: Margaret Malinao

  • Making Math with Margaret

    Making Math with Margaret

    Project 0.A This very first project was on penrose tiling–Nora, Ashley, and I cut actual rose petals and leaves to recreate a pattern we found online. project 0.b I showed Prof Kagey how to cut petals and leaves for the penrose tile and he taught me how to use a penplotter and cricut machine to…

  • Gaussian Hand Curvature

    Gaussian Hand Curvature

    Our group wanted to take on a project that explores differential geometry and curvatures in space, which was originally inspired by Ambika‚Äôs desire to do some henna on the surface of a hand. None of us really had very much experience in this realm of mathematics, so we had to spend some time exploring the…

  • Weaving Mathematics

    Weaving Mathematics

    preface Tia and I are very much into fabric arts and wanted to create something really cool by learning a new skill through weaving and utilizing the Digital Jacquard Loom from the Makerspace. We initially learned very basic mathematics behind loom-weaving, such as the binary nature of the strings. The way the strings are structured…

  • Penrose meets Penplotting

    Penrose meets Penplotting

    Penrose Tiling Professor Kagey and I decided to start with the penrose tiling project first, going over logistics of materials and methods. Our tiling inspiration below was sourced from this online math forum. We used plants as our medium, shaping leaves and petals into the two rhombuses of 108 and 144 degrees. I demoed how…